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Theme song March 29, 2008

 The openign song is done!!

This time is Aqua Timez.
Gokusen's outlook of the world as it is to show useless to bend, Gokusen's team but "Friendship" is the message so please let it be introduced.
Please, Everyone in Aqua Timez earnestly tackle this, the vocalist, Futoshi-san also, how many times we have meet in private about this....[note: Seem like is a question.... ]

Now it is completed, it is "Niji".

Feeling of nothingness in great quantity..... Really its okay bend. 泣ける

The lyrics says "It safe!!" and it hits oneself hard.[note: meaning th song is really emotional!!]
I listen to the song on my ipod evey day.

also eveyone wants to quickly listen to the song!!
We think this will be reveiled on TV, listen to it carefully on April 19 during episode 1 its only a small about of time to wait for it to air so please wait!キラキラ

[Hahahaha... okay... this oen just tellign you about the openign song.. which is Niji but Aqua Timez.... and he just saying how they worked hard and he, the producer likes the song.... it seems like a good song.... from what he talking about....]


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Baba-sensei March 24, 2008

Iyaa, it is intresting.

Azuma Mikihisa-san is that something! [Note: i got "Nan ga tte" or somthign like that.. dodn't understand it much... so i'm guessing he sayisn Azuma is intresting...] Said to be Baba-sensei.

Yankumi and Baba-sensei reunite scene was filmed, but after Reheasal Azuma-san became Baba-sensei fully, with fighting spirit in his entrance.

In the details it was said he came from a far distance to find Yankumi, Baba-sensei he shouted out "YAMAGUCHI-SENSE~~I!!" and he runs to her.
That drama is really funny, the staff and Yukie-san laugh we can not bear not to.  [note: hahaha... so i guess they laugh to much because of Baba-sensei...]

That scene with a Peeping Tom brings the students, "Azuma-san Really amazing" being noisey.

Such like in the middle, Azuma-san only such serioius face tries to exsist but, things like feeling apear!![note: i think i might be traslating this wrong please correct me if i did]
Azuma-san having to charater of honest as "Baba" who he is acting as, "Everyone what is to smile at?" is the reaction we want.

Baba himself is a a man that never gives up his feelings and is an airhead is what we think. 和む
Such as this, Gokusen's flimisn is wraped up with smilign faces.

[WHEEEEE.... i finished it.. i ahev to do the next oen though...But here my summery]
This day was about Baba-sensei.. and they just tellign about the type of character he is.... and i guess there a peepign tom moment.. hahaha.. love to see that.... if you dodn't knwo what peeing tom is.. it basicly watching a girl(normal) when there chanign of soemhtign liek that... that how i see it... I"m guessing that Baba comes to lok for Yankumi and that why he in this series....

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Self store March 21, 2008

Okay the title might not be right but thta what  i found... hope it right..

well anyway i'm doing 2 traslation nows.... one of r Sensei wa Erai and this one... i think this one is fun so far!!!
BTw.... i saw the new Hey say Song.. i can't wait to see a PV for it... i don't liek it that much.. well that the sa,me i said about UMP so as soon as i see the Pv ill love it.. hahaha..... 

anyway.... i think this goignt o be boring btu lots see...

"as yet this story"  i think hasn't been discovered but this is Okinawa sequal.

I got  really bad sunburn. Really the weather crossed over,[Note: read summery i just wanted to make is literally what i found] merly 1 day till we go to Ishigaki Island, my skin hurts....

My nose become red on my face. I think i'm starting to heal inside but.....
Intended for my face's nose. [note: do not get this at all.. si it just me or um i not undertand what goign on... well i understand but i can be literal]
Remberbe with the outmost effort University time before to go...[Note: gomen.. i'm getting lazy and the message is nto that intresting... right now...]
 good age, I'm ashamed.ショック!

This filming scene now is in a Pharmacy[note: not goign to traslate this because i don't get it at all.. ]

*stop here..* I'm not goign to do the rest but i think it all about the producer andhis sunburn.... and i dodn't get how he got a subburn when it raining.. hahahah but okay...

 nothign on the actors and/or the show... so i'll stop here....
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Where is Yankumi....? March 18th 2008

Finally go it done.... *cry*... welll i had a half day at school today and i was goign to do it earlier.. but... i was kiddnaped to go shoping with the older women(mom and Grandma.. hahhaa)... and then i went to sleep... (at 3:00Pm and woke up around 4:00PM.... then i took a shower... i need to print out sheet music for an auditon tommorow...goignt o sing Kizuna...i hope i make... it..... ;__;....i'm scaried last time i didn't get in... but it wasn't this song....
Anyway.. well after i got the song.. i desided to put it into Romaji so my teacher can read it...hahaha... and that took most of the rest they day.. all i knwo is the next thing i kow it was 7 and i didn't eat dinner.. and i went and ate.. finshed Romajising my thing... and found sheet music for Star time and then.. i finaly start makign this post... as i type this post i traslate the extra stuff online.... so i hope you liek reading this

You now why I go to the filming in Okinawa?

3 years ago during season 2 int he last sceen, Yankumi and Sawatari resigned from Kurogin Gakuin,both in south island, "Yanbaru Gakuin" [note:Yanbaru?? i didn't get this.... so i just kept it in the form..Okay i figured out what it was... the end of the 2nd series it the name of the school.. hahhaha]  go toward the plot.

Therefore, this time Yankumi works at "Yanbaru Gakuin"?

No, going to be different.

This time, One step ahead Sawatari in Tokyo Akadou Gakuin to work there, not yet in the south island[note didn't phrase this right.. if you want to understand what this mean read my summery... i get but i can't phrase it in english right] 
Yankumi in the South islands lookign for a Job is the begining.
But, Yanbaru Gakuin became closed down....

COme now, well what will Yankumi do this time?

That is....

Sorry, see it be enjoyable. This more or less than call amusing.  ... you forgiveness...泣ける

Your apology this filming is a really windy scenery in the picture. (Yankumi in a White jersey)
*Picture goes here... you might want to look at the main site...*

Okay.. here the fun part me explaing what all that ment.. haha

Well bascly.... Um... at the end of the and one Sawatari and Yankumi were goign to a school called Yanbaru Gakuin.... (remeber that part) and supposely they do go... but i think Sawatari goes to Akadou and Yankumi is found(again) jobless... and i guess she lookign for a job in this one....

i guess that all the help i have given... i hope you liked it and reads more..... now i need to go to sleep or i'll be killed by my step dad....

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March 16th, 2008 Starting filming

Hello!! Call me Nana... i desided to traslate the Gokusen 3 diary till it starts... and if i get many reader i'll keep translating but i might go on and translate a actors diary.... when i coem to that time and i have people reading i'll ask... since these days of translating seem little wastful with not really  good info and not many people reading.... 
and that why i'm posting it up here.... i hope i get more readers!!
If you don't understand what my traslation says i'll have a summery under it...(since i know what i read but i can traslate it perfectly till i learn more)

We went to, Okinawa!!

Sport's paper, ect but take away your knowlegde of direction toward and think but, "Gokusen" series 3 is in Ishigaki,  Takemoto(island), Okinawa islands[note: couldn't tell if they saying it goign to be in both Ishigaki and Takemoto... since both are in Okinawa island if anyone can help me understand this...], we start filming.

under the shining sun, dazzeling, worthly light to bathe in as we at the start of the shoot![note: this was diffcut to traslate since i'm new at this but this is close to what it says ^__^]
By the way we wanted to say but, somehow first day the rain was cruel 雨

Motionless wait for orders, the rain stoped little "Now is~" and the filming started with tremendous spirit. 

Such a unfavorable conditions for the start of the filming, Yukie-san* and Nanase-san** start another begining, as Yankumi and Sawatari.

The two of them meet they started, the actrally place started with a big laugh, then there seem to be a flashback of 3 years ago, Unintentionally "deju vu" atmosphere. 

REALLY those two people never change. Want to see quickly!

Bye the way, Takemoto nothing feeling of easy to get the filming ready.

Cars are can really go thru streets but, occasinally you can see carts drawn by waterbuffalo passing thru "Wait this is a waterbuffalo~" exclaimed assistant director's dialect queitly in the town resound(Smile). [note: Gomen ne minna.... the end of this was really confusing...]

what anyhow, safely we had the starting of our filming!

*Yankumi actress
** Sawatari(Vice  Principal)[note: actrally i like this guy he funny even thou he always so evil... sometimes]

Okay here my summary!
Well they are filming in Okinawa and the starting fo the filming was raining.  Then when it did stop raining Nagase and Yukie filmed.  It was them with a big smile at the end and then a flashback 3 years ago(Gokusen 2).  And the character are the same as always... hatign eachother i guess... anyway... then he starts talking about how the filming is kinda hard because the roads rarely can fit cars and sometime they see waterbuffalo carrying carts go by... and i think he says somethign about the  assistant director surprised to see the carts... hahaha.... 

This took me 2-3 hours to traslate...O__O well i guess i might get fast as i go on....O__O.... wish me luck... *cry* atleast i'm startign to enjoy this... it geting intresting... can't wait till Takaki and the boys come!!!

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